satellite chrome

shot peened stainless steel

polished black chrome

metallic stoved bronze

satin hand brushed dark bronze

oxidized distressed iron

rough cast satin bronze

surface etched iron

distressed pewter

rough cast blackened bronze

rough cast dark bronze

satin hand brushed bronze

oil aged dark bronze

pearlite black chrome

satin almond gold

rough cast brass

satellite nickel

satin brass

satin white bronze

polished brass

polished chrome

powder coated white

polished nickel

polished white bronze

rough cast copper

linished brass

pearlite nickel

satin chrome

satin stainless steel

polished stainless steel

shot peened stainless steel

satin stainless steel

pvd black

pvd bronze


Shown here is just a sample of the more popular finishes available for izé ironmongery. Our unique ability to make our items in a variety of base materials means that almost anything is achievable including a huge variety of shades of patinated bronze or brass and more exotic finishes such as gold, silver, blackened steel, black plasma and white bronze. It would be impossible for us to show every finish here, so even if it is not shown, it is likely we could achieve what you are looking for. We can also achieve special surfaces such as hammered, shot peened and bead blast. Our skill extends not only to finishing items such as handles and escutcheons, but also the ancillary items supplied. By finishing lock forends, door closers and bolts to match we can supply a cohesive ironmongery range that is unsurpassed by any other manufacturer.