LBL01 Lina Bo Bardi Lever Handle by izéLBL01 Lina Bo Bardi Lever Handle by izé

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Lina bo bardi handle

The great Brazilian modernist architect Lina Bo Bardi originally designed this muscular, horn-shaped handle for her own house in São Paulo in 1951. She designed the house, called Casa de Vidro (the Glass House) in the Morumbi neighbourhood, where it is surrounded by jungle. The house, which is raised on stilts, is seen as an important modernist landmark, offering a particularly humane type of modernism. It was always Bo Bardi’s intention that the lever handle should go into production. Izé is delighted to have licensed it through the Lina Bo Bardi Foundation, so that it is available for admirers of her work, or simply of great door handles, to buy.